Royal Kids

Kids Party Catering service for birthday parties and events through our freshly made, delicious and decorative food delivered to your home or Kids's Party venue. We have a wide range of BBQs, Kid's Buffet, Fun Finger Food & Canapé's, Fancy Food Boxes, Desserts and Drinks.

We can also supply a range of adult food menus for your guests in addition to Special Diets Menus for kid's with allergies.

From Mini Burgers to Posh Princess Pizzas we can give your party or event that extra special touch. A range of adult food menus for your guests, in addition to Special Diets menus for kids with allergies.

On-site Chefs, waiters & decorative services are also available upon request.

Catering services to private schools when needed, with nutritious choices every day, helping your children their minds and bodies prepare for the bright future ahead of them.

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